About Us

The Evolution of the Company

Addressing the refined tastes of sophisticated and distinguished travelers who cherish customized tours, private small groups, and incomparable touring experiences, Utah Luxury Tours was conceived 12 years ago to meet the demand for luxury private tours and 5-star accommodations throughout the American Southwest, with a particular focus on national park touring. Established as a subsidiary of Moab Luxury Coach, Incorporated, our journey began with one-day luxury tours departing from Park City, expanding gradually to craft two-day expeditions centered around the iconic national parks of Arches and Canyonlands near Moab.

In the span of the last 12 years, Utah Luxury Tours has undergone a remarkable evolution. Presently, we curate exclusive one- to ten-day odysseys through the Rocky Mountains, the Grand Circle, and, significantly, the Mighty 5 Utah national parks, attracting discerning travelers from every corner of the globe.

Our commitment to excellence led us to introduce small group tours, specifically tailored for solo travelers and couples. This addition is designed for those who seek optimal value while immersing themselves in the enchantment of the Southwest, all while focusing on the national park touring experiences that define our distinctive brand.

Meet the Visionaries

Brian Murphy

Brian Murphy

CEO & Founder

Experienced Guides

Our outstanding guides are the heart of Utah Luxury Tours. With a combined 124 years of guiding experience in Utah and the surrounding National Parks, our guides are ready to help you make the most of your time with us.


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