Bill Harris


Bill Harris was born and raised in Eugene, Oregon. With adventuresome parents he, with his three older brothers, spent much time exploring the unique natural wonders of the Oregon Coast and Cascade mountains. While still considering Oregon his home, Bill has spent the past 40 years in the desert southwest while attending college in Utah (BYU) and forging a teaching and coaching career in rural Eastern Nevada. His time in Utah and Nevada has allowed the opportunity to explore the geologic and historic wonders of the Great Basin and Colorado Plateau. With his wife of 37 years, Lisa, and their four children, as well as scores of high school and college students they have explored unique places from the depths of the Grand Canyon and Death Valley, to the tops of peaks in the Sierra Nevada and Wasatch mountains. His kids and students know that while traveling with Bill that spontaneous stops will happen at roadcuts, obscure historical sites, or a body of water for a swim. With a Masters degree in Geology and an obsessive curiosity for the natural world Bill loves to show others the amazing world around us.