Brandon Plewe


Brandon Plewe grew up in St. George, Utah, spending his young life exploring Zion and the surrounding area. Ever since, he has taken every opportunity to see as much of this great region as possible. He loves hiking, especially to little-known places away from the crowds, and he cannot resist any trail that has an arch, waterfall, mountain peak, or slot canyon. His favorite place in the world is a secret spot in Zion National Park; his second favorite is anywhere he’s never been before. During his career as a cartographer, he has studied and mapped the geography, history, geology, and culture of the West, and he loves to tell their stories to whoever will listen.

The highlight of our trip was our guide, Brandon. We are so grateful for the opportunity to learn from and play with him in the most beautiful settings we could ever imagine! Hands down, the best adventure partner we have ever had (and we’ve had many)! For several weeks prior to the trip, we worked together on an itinerary and travel style to best meet our goals. His in-depth knowledge of all the parks and surrounding attractions provided a fascinating narrative throughout our journey. With his experience and flexibility, he was able to turn on a dime whenever needed and also insert some fun surprises along the way. Brandon was excellent at assessing our interest and energy levels (which could change day to day or even hour to hour!) and our skill level when it came to hiking (minimal!) He tweaked the itinerary to include trails best suited to us, started us out slowly, taught us how to use hiking poles, and built our confidence until we felt like pros! So grateful to him for that! The kindest, most generous and best-natured person you could ever meet! We can’t wait to explore more of our beautiful country with Utah Luxury Tours and Brandon!