Daniel Weldon


As somewhat of a Renaissance Man, Daniel is passionate about many disciplines. From the active: running, hiking, cycling, skiing, and golfing, to the abstract: photography, glass art, and ceramics, and the classical: history, geology, philosophy, and sociology, but he is most passionate about exploring the natural world and experiencing new adventures.

Born in the Puget Sound region of Washington, he is most comfortable in the fog, rain, and snow of the Pacific Northwest but he challenges himself to adapt to the dry heat of the desert Southwest. While visiting Utah on a ski trip in his mid-twenties, he immediately fell in love with the winter Wasatch and has continued to explore all that the Mountain West has to offer, no matter the season, and has since made Utah his second home.

With an eye toward becoming an adventure guide, Daniel has spent the last two decades traveling through all 50 states, the National Parks, State Parks, and public lands systems of America, both on solo adventures as well as with friends and family. He is a professional running coach, ski instructor, and photographer, and is an enthusiastic leader, empathetic educator, and a total glutton for punishment! When he isn’t traveling, Daniel spends most of his time in the kitchen, attempting to replicate the flavors he finds along the way to share with the people he loves.

Amazing tour! Review of Utah Luxury Tours Reviewed September 19, 2022 We found Luxury Utah Tours on-line, just browsing the web. The tours looked amazing, so we contacted them. Misty Lee was very helpful in working on our arrangements. EVERYTHING is taken care of! The only thing we did on our own were the flights and our dinners. We were staying in nice areas where it was not difficult to find a restaurant with good food. We traveled on the "Mighty 5" tour in August 2022. We had an amazing time and a truly wonderful experience! Daniel Weldon was our guide and was outstanding! He picked us up on time each day and took us to amazing places. He is so familiar with the area, that he was able to take us to so many special places and explain all about them. He even knew where and when we were likely to see bison, deer and longhorn sheep and brought us. He nailed it! We saw so many animals and it was so exciting! He studied geology and history and has so much knowledge in his head. He answered all our questions, and if he didn't know, he researched it and answered us the next day. He took us to great lunch places and provided snacks and drinks for us daily. We have never seen such gorgeous scenery in our lives! The canyons, mountains, skies were like nothing we'd ever seen before. We felt so small among the majesty. We had lovely travel companions and we were all at different levels. Daniel took each of our levels into consideration, and since he knew the trails and mountains so well, he guided us on what he thought we'd be able to handle. He was pretty accurate too. We saw many spectacular Petroglyph drawings which fascinated my husband. One day, my husband couldn't come to the hike and since we were so close to the same area the next day, Daniel went out of his way to bring him back there so he didn't have to miss out on them. Daniel is so caring and thoughtful. We stayed in beautiful, clean hotels every night. One of them even had s'mores by the fire pit (made my day!) Each and every park was more beautiful than the next. The colors, size and majestic views of what we were seeing cannot be explained or captured in photos. We enjoyed all our stops at Canyonlands, Deadhorse Canyon, Arches, Newspaper Rock, Moab, Capitol Reef, Goblin Valley, Sego Canyon, Bryce Canyon (my personal favorite) and Zion National Park. We were so happy with our decision to go on this tour and had such a wonderful time, that we've already booked a future tour. For visiting the west, it's Luxury Utah Tours for us! Thank you, Misty, Daniel and LUT for an amazing vacation with memories to last a lifetime! I still look at my pictures every day!