Kevin Earl


Kevin is a native of Texas with deep Utah roots going back to the pioneers who helped settled the amazing place now known as Utah. He has been visiting Utah his whole life and has lived in and explored Utah and the American Southwest for more than a decade. Kevin also spent six years living in China and two in Hungary. With his extensive travel experience, Kevin understands what makes a great tour. Kevin is well-versed in the human history and pioneer stories of the American West, including those of his own ancestors, and loves giving tours in Salt Lake City and of Utah’s history and culture just as much as in the national parks.

In addition to his time guiding in and around Utah, Kevin spent two years as a guide for the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation at Taliesin West in Scottsdale, Arizona, and led dozens of colleagues, friends, and others through Beijing’s Summer Palace and Forbidden City on informal tours. He’s led bus loads of people and individuals as they’ve fulfilled dreams and checked off bucket list items.

People ask if it ever gets old visiting the same places over and over again. Kevin’s answers, “No, because I see something new every time.” From the grand vistas to the small beetle tracks in the sand, Kevin enjoys sharing the best the West has to offer. He loves hearing the “Wow!” when people visit Zion National Park for the first time and seeing the smiles of contentment watching the sunrise bring Bryce Canyon to life. People find joy connecting to nature, and Kevin likes to help make that happen.