Mindy Deholl


Mindy is a passionate, playful, adventurer born and raised in Utah. She is a healthcare professional by education, but spends her free time traveling and enjoying the great outdoors! Some people say she is ‘restless’, but we know she just enjoys everything the world has to offer and has an insatiable desire to try new things and meet new people! She loves it all- camping, climbing mountains, rappelling waterfalls, boating, and kayaking, skydiving, cycling, hang gliding, canyoneering, skiing, snowshoeing, photography, yoga, etc. One thing is for sure! Her favorite part of every adventure is the people she meets and the memories and friendships they create together.

Our guide, Mindy was engaging, informative and above and above and beyond helpful. She was able to help us maximize the most out of each day. I cannot recommend the company or Mindy highly enough for every experience you hope to achieve in Utah.