Rachel Ross


Rachel is a photographer and filmmaker based in Salt Lake City, UT. She’s been a landscape photography instructor in Zion National Park, while also guiding incredible and technical slot canyons all over the desert of the southwest. Her fast-paced lifestyle became pleasantly intertwined with photography, first as a means to slow down and smell the desert roses, and then eventually to tell stories. She was invited on expeditions all over the world, from a National Geographic trip to India to a climbing first-ascent climbing trip in remote China. No stranger to blending commercial branding imagery with gorgeous landscape scenic, Rachel has developed a well-rounded style that is equal parts creative and bold. Using photos and videos to tell these important stories has brought her all over the map from Patagonia to Tibet, with her heart remaining in little nooks surrounded by the sandstone she continues to call home. As an avid climber, canyoneer, runner, biker, and painter, she’s been fortunate enough to combine all of the above in different permutations to capture moments of adventure, joy, and creativity. Rachel loves fostering the artist in everyone and emphasizing the point that there are no absolutes in photography.

Rachel is a guide for our Golden Light in the Mighty 5 Photo Adventure Tour.