Richard Taylor


Richard, a native of Iowa, spent years in Hawaii, Washington State, and is now living in Utah. He successfully ran several businesses while his pursuit of adventure found expression in fly fishing, hiking, and teaching skiing at several prestigious ski resorts.

As a Senior Guide, he has had the privilege of leading countless guests on unforgettable journeys with Utah Luxury Tours. With boundless enthusiasm, he imparts his knowledge and passion for the natural splendor of the Western United States, particularly the awe-inspiring National Parks that dot the landscape.

Through his ventures, travels, and commitment to sharing his experiences, Richard continues to inspire those around him to embrace the beauty of the world and seize every opportunity for exploration and discovery. His zest for life extends beyond personal enjoyment; it encompasses a fervent desire to share the wonders of the world with others.

An absolutely awe-inspiring trip! This trip exceeded all my expectations!! Our Guide was Richard and he is absolutely phenomenal. Everyone in the group appreciated his flexibility to adapt, on the fly, so that even if it happens to rain you still experience an exciting and memorable experience. Richard is such a wealth of information of the areas we visited, the Mighty 5 plus some, and made sure to point out geological impacts on the landscape that added so much to our understanding of the landscape. He also included historical facts about the area. Richard is a passionate Hiker and Skier. He made sure to adjust hikes to match ability levels but he also encourages you so that you do have that final "high" of experiencing an epic hike. Thanks for coaching on breathing techniques while hiking!!! A stress free, relaxing and amazingly beautiful vacation. What could be better!!!!!

We had the most incredible Utah adventure because of the Mighty 5 itinerary that Utah Luxury Tours helped put together, and most importantly, because of our amazing guide Richard Taylor. Richard is such a kind, compassionate, funny, energetic person, and we could not have had a better tour guide. He was so wonderful with my husband and I, and with our four young children (ages range 6-13). Richard did a fantastic job of gauging what types of hikes would work best for our family, based on the level of activity he observed from all of us. He also gave us options along the way, which is so nice when traveling with kids and with needing to be flexible. The trip was so personalized for us, and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves the entire time. He was always so prepared, with fresh cold water in his van and backpack for our hikes, and snacks and other drinks that the kids helped pick out. And his communication skills are excellent, with sticking to the plan, but maintaining flexibility if we’re slowed down at hotels by the kids. I couldn’t recommend Richard as part of Utah Luxury Tours more!! We made such incredible memories, and we have so many gorgeous photos (that Richard helped us take, too!) to help us remember them forever! Thank you for this glorious trip! The photos included just demonstrate a little of how wonderful Richard was (especially when he carried our 6 year old though a deep section of the narrows in Zion; so sweet!).