RV Concierge Camping National Parks Tour (6 Days)


1-2 - $16,080

3 - $20,520

4 - $23,040

5 - $25,200

6 - $27,360

6 Day Tour Price per group. Private groups only.


Embark on an unforgettable adventure with Utah Luxury Tours and Desert Solitude, where private guided tours of Utah’s breathtaking National Parks are seamlessly combined with the comfort and convenience of luxury Recreational Vehicles (RV) Concierge Camping accommodations. Experience the rugged beauty of Utah like a local, stargazing under pristine night skies from your remote RV Concierge Camping location nestled on America’s public lands. Our meticulously crafted, all-inclusive Concierge Camping packages (glamorous camping) allow you to immerse yourself in the tranquility of the Southwest desert, providing the perfect blend of adventure and comfort. You’ll be surrounded by stunning landscapes while enjoying all the amenities you desire, from cozy campfires to serene solitude among nature’s wonders.

Overview: 6 Day

Unveiling More: A 6-Day Concierge Camping Odyssey through Utah
Immerse yourself in a vast desert canvas, where towering red rock formations pierce the horizon. Explore southern Utah on this 6 day Recreational Vehicle Concierge Camping tour which encompasses four National Parks, two state parks, and millions of acres begging to be discovered.

This exclusive extended tour delves deeper, venturing beyond the iconic arches of Arches National Park and the awe-inspiring canyons of Canyonlands National Park. We’ll visit these crown jewels alongside Capitol Reef National Park, famed for its colorful sandstone cliffs and orchards, and star-studded Bryce Canyon National Park, renowned for its otherworldly amphitheater of hoodoos (tall, thin rock spires). Discover hidden gems in state parks and lesser-known surrounding areas, venturing off the beaten track.

Our expert guides will lead you to remote canyons, unveil prehistoric dinosaur tracks, and help decipher ancient rock art panels whispering stories of the past. As night falls, escape to designated dark sky areas, where a breathtaking tapestry of stars unfolds above you in unmatched clarity.

This 6-day Concierge Camping odyssey is an unparalleled opportunity to truly connect with the soul of the wild west. Book your extended adventure today!

Neil Peterson thumbnail
Neil Peterson

Meet your Senior Tour Guide & Camp Host

Neil’s love for adventure began young, fueled by a simple question: “I wonder where that trail goes?” This curiosity propelled him from exploring his backyard to traversing the majestic landscapes of Utah by 4×4, ATV, and dirt bike.

However, a hike through Little Wild Horse Canyon sparked a new passion for slot canyons, drawing him deeper into the heart of Utah’s wilderness. His favorite hikes include the Fiery Furnace in Arches National Park’s Fiery Furnace and Queens Garden Trail in Bryce Canyon.

Neil’s passion for exploration extends beyond personal adventure. He has served as a member of the Utah Off-Road Recovery Team, offering a helping hand to stranded explorers in the backcountry. He also serves on the executive board of Utah Off-Road & Outdoor Enterprises, promoting responsible trail use and advocating for the stewardship of Utah’s public lands.

Beyond adventure, Neil’s creative spirit shines through his photography and videography. However, his lens isn’t limited to the scenery. He thrives on capturing the connection between people and the natural world – the joy of families exploring together and the camaraderie among fellow adventurers. Most importantly, Neil is a devoted husband and father of three girls. They are his frequent companions on these adventures, creating lasting memories amidst the wonders of nature. Neil cherishes these experiences, fostering a love for the outdoors and a passion for adventure in his daughters.

Call: 435-659-0176 for Brian or 801-842-5777 for Neil

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Day 1

● Pick up at Salt Lake City area hotel or airport (location TBD)
● Travel towards Moab, Utah and start the tour of Canyonlands National Park with a picnic lunch
● Explore Canyonlands National Park Island in the Sky District and do some of the following options:
Mesa Arch Hike
Grand View Hike
Visitor Center
Stops at Canyonlands overlooks
Scenic Drive of Long Canyon
● Arrive at private camp spot and settle into the luxury RV
● Dinner at camp
● Evening options:
Discover dinosaur tracks and bones in the sandstone
Off-Road 4X4 excursion to a natural tunnel in the rock cliffs (Tusher Tunnel)
Campfire and S’mores while stargazing
Relax and play yard games at camp

Day 2

● Hot Breakfast
● Explore Arches National Park. In Arches National Park we will see several of these famous formations:
Delicate Arch
Double Arch
Windows Arch
Balanced Rock
Double O Arch
Landscape Arch
Skyline Arch
Sand Dune Arch
And several other roadside rock formations
● Dinner at camp
● Evening options:
Discover dinosaur tracks and bones in the sandstone
Visit Dead Horse Point State Park
Campfire and S’mores while stargazing
Relax and play yard games at camp
Souvenir shopping on historic Moab Main Street

Day 3

● Hot Breakfast
● Flex Day – This day will be used to do more of what you have loved so far.
● Options include:
Do more hiking in Arches National Park
Explore by vehicle the deep canyons and clifftop overlooks carved by the Colorado River
Tour the petroglyphs and dinosaur tracks in the Moab Area
● Picnic lunch provided during the adventure
● Dinner at camp
● Evening options:
Sunset photography session
Discover dinosaur tracks and bones in the sandstone
Off-Road 4X4 excursion to a natural tunnel in the rock cliffs (Tusher Tunnel)
Campfire and S’mores while stargazing
Relax and play yard games at camp

Day 4

● Continental breakfast in the RV. This will be our last morning at this camp spot.
● Explore along the west edge of the San Rafael Swell. Options include:
Goblin Valley State Park
Pictograph and petroglyph sites.
Back country drive to explore “off-the-beaten-path”
● Dinner at camp
● Evening options:
Explore the moon-like area surrounding this new campspot
Sunset photography session
Campfire and S’mores while stargazing
Relax and play yard games at camp

Day 5

● Fresh fruit pie for breakfast at the Historic Gifford Homestead
● Explore Capitol Reef National Park. Options include:
Main scenic Drive
Petroglyph panel
Hike the Grand Wash
Hike to Hickman Bridge
● Drive through Escalante National Monument on Scenic Byway 12 and stop at
scenic overlooks
● Dinner and entertainment at Ebenezer’s Old West Dinner Show
● Late arrival at camp

Day 6

● Breakfast at camp.
● Tour Bryce Canyon. Options include:
Hike the Navajo Loop
Sunrise to Sunset Point rim walk
Bryce Point overlook
Fairyland Point overlook
Inspiration Point overlook
Natural Bridge viewpoint
Rainbow Point overlook
● Lunch in the Park
● Return to Salt Lake City

Accommodations for up to 6 guests
All logistics, driving, and equipment related to RV camping
6 days/5 nights all-inclusive tour
5 nights lodging in a luxury RV
2 full-time tour guides
5 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 5 dinners
Unlimited snacks, bottled water, soft drinks
4x4 luxury SUV built by Neil
All national and state park entrance fees
All additional excursions, activities & entertainment

Guide Gratuity