Utah’s Mighty 5®️ National Parks: What You Need to Know

Utah is home to five stunning national parks, affectionately dubbed The Mighty 5®️. Even though they’re in the same state, some within 100 miles of each other, each is incredibly unique. To explore each of them in-depth would take years, and you’d still leave plenty of remote corners untouched.   While you might not get to see everything, it is possible to hit the highlights in a quick trip, like on the Mighty 5® small group tour. Whether you already have this tour booked or are just starting to plan your next vacay, keep reading to learn a little bit about each of Utah’s natural gems.   Canyonlands National Park If you take on The Mighty 5® Utah National Parks 4-day Snapshot Tour, you’ll start your adventure in Canyonlands National Park. Covering 527 square miles, it’s the largest national park in Utah. It’s a popular destination because of its close proximity to Moab, which lies just 32 miles from the park.   Canyonlands’ massive size means that much of the park is wild and untouched. It also means that the park has been divided into 4 unique districts. They include Island in the Sky, The Needles, The Maze, and two … Continue reading Utah’s Mighty 5®️ National Parks: What You Need to Know