8 Reasons Why People Are Choosing to Travel Domestically

by Vibrant Management


Apr 11, 2020

When you think of travel, what often comes to mind are iconic sites like the Eiffel Tower, the brilliant blue waters of Maldives, or the historic monuments of Italy. The hassle of passports, overnight flights, and customs can cause these destinations to lose their charm. With that said, there are definitely some sights that are worth traveling the world to experience. And fortunately, some of these sights aren’t as distant as you might think. No 12-hour flights (or interplanetary travel) are necessary to visit the otherworldly beauty of Utah’s very own Bryce Canyon, or the Mars-like terrain of Arches. From saving on travel time to the ease of speaking your own language, here are 8 reasons why you should travel domestically.

Experience the Hidden Beauty of Your Own Country 

There is something special about discovering a new corner of your own backyard. Southwestern U.S. national parks are loved and treasured by people from across the globe and are just a short trip away for most Americans. On average, Americans only visit 12 of the 50 states in their lifetime.  And 10% of Americans never leave their home state. These domestic national parks are part of what sets this great country apart. Many of these parks are home to wildlife and nature not found anywhere else in the world. The American Bison and wolves roaming through the breathtaking landscapes of Yellowstone. The unique red arches carved from millions of years of erosion in Arches National Park. These are exclusive features of this part of the world. There is a unique joy in learning about and experiencing the unique cultures, places, food, and wildlife found here in your own country.

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Luxury and Comfort, Without the Risk

Going on vacation is an opportunity to escape from the routine of everyday life. It’s also a chance to have new experiences and get away from your day-to-day worries. The less stress about, the better. When traveling domestically, you are ensured a more modern, first-world experience with all the amenities and comforts of home. You can be comforted knowing that you’re never far away from trusted sources of healthcare, drinking water, and safe dining options. If emergencies or other issues arise, you can easily access the internet, talk to your loved ones, and be close to home. Providing you both an escape and peace of mind. 

With all of these benefits, it is clear that traveling domestically in a first-world country will make your vacation exactly what it is supposed to be–a relaxing, comfortable, worry-free experience that you can remember for the rest of your life. 


Jet-lag symptoms are real. When traveling internationally, you want to seize every spare moment you can, because travel time quickly adds up. Once you finally arrive at your destination, jet-lag sets in. Adjusting to a new time zone and finding your way around can turn your first day into a blur. The disorientation isn’t over when you get home from your trip. Adjusting back to your work schedule and time zone takes just as much effort. Traveling domestically avoids jet-lag symptoms. You get more out of your time and are able to truly disconnect, relax, and take your time enjoying the new experiences around you. Then, when it’s finally time to return, there are no hard transitions. You can slip back into your normal routine with ease.

Adventure in Your Own Language

One of the most notable benefits of domestic travel is simply being able to vacation in your native language. Apart from seeing unforgettable sights, the treasures of travel are often found in the life-changing stories you’ll tell based on the experiences and gems of knowledge gained on your trip. While traveling domestically, you are able to personalize this experience by talking to the locals or your experienced and knowledgeable guide. If you’ve ever struggled with a language barrier while checking in, talking with your guide, or ordering food, then you know just how refreshing it is to easily and freely communicate. Without language barriers, you are able to communicate easier and tailor the experience to your personal preferences. The simple things, like being able to read and understand your dinner menu, help you enjoy the comforts of home even while you’re away traveling.

No Passport/Visa requirements

Most seasoned travelers can relate to the stress of losing a passport days before an international vacation. Expediting or renewing passports, applying for visas and dealing with customs is arguably the least glamorous part of traveling. While seeing the other side of the world has its perks, domestic vacationing eliminates this discomfort and stress! There is no need to worry about long lines. No waiting for documents to arrive or any other inconvenience that may arise. Traveling domestically, a person could leave with only the shirt on their back, a credit card in hand, and still make it a memorable experience. 

No Exchange Rate

Another advantage to vacationing domestically is the freedom to spend money how you want, when you want, and with what you want. Exchanging your money when you get to a new country is a hassle in itself. Being able to start your vacation immediately, without a currency exchange, is a notable benefit of staying close to home. It is an advantage and valuable perk not worrying about credit card shutdowns when you try to make a purchase in another country or having to calculate exchange rates every time you want to buy something! Nothing conveys luxury more than quick, painless transitions and transactions.

Support the US Economy

A vacation with Utah Luxury Tours means promoting the economy of the United States. There are many local businesses in our country that depend on domestic travelers to maintain their operations. At Utah Luxury Tours, we provide our guests with the most upscale getaway experiences. We support local 5-star hotels, shops, and various activity providers, which in turn promotes employment and builds our economy. Additionally with supporting the US economy, your trip will support the national parks. US national parks are largely maintained by the paid entrance fees by those choosing to visit and explore their magnificent beauty. When you travel domestically, you support the parks and businesses of the United States.

Spend Less Time Getting There and More Time Being There

If you’re a frequent traveler, you may be familiar with the extensive time commitment that flying can impose; not to mention the additional customs that one must undergo when flying internationally. Flight times between the US and other countries can take hours, and sometimes entire days.  That’s not including layovers, connecting flights, customs, and security. You will undoubtedly save time when you choose to fly domestically. Utah, with its central-western location in the heart of the United States, is a prime spot for a luxury getaway. When you travel with Utah Luxury Tours, you will be spending less time in transit and more time exploring the wonders of your own backyard.

There’s a big, beautiful world out there full of sights to see. The national parks and natural wonders of the West deserve to be added to the top of your bucket list. Thanks to easier access and the convenience of domestic travel, these sights can be enjoyed with less stress and more comfort when you visit them with Utah Luxury Tours.

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