How Utah Luxury Tours is Keeping You Safe During COVID-19

by Vibrant Management


Jun 28, 2020

For many travelers, COVID-19 has raised questions about whether taking a vacation is safe in the coming months. But while you may not feel comfortable visiting cities that were considered hot-spots or crowded beaches, our national parks remain great places to enjoy some fresh air and adventure while practicing healthy social distancing.

Our luxury tours to the national parks are all private, fully escorted and customizable to meet any budget and lifestyle. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, a birthday, or even just your annual summer vacation, you’ll enjoy a private, luxury tour with just your friends and family. You can rest easy knowing where each member of your group has been prior to your tour, and where they may have been exposed to the virus.

If you’ve ever enjoyed a tour with our company, you already know that our experienced guides act as so much more than drivers and tour operators. They are constantly doing everything that they can to make your vacation more relaxing, enjoyable, and hassle-free. 

So taking the necessary measures to keep our guests healthy and safe during this time was a natural step. Each of our tour guides has gone through extensive safety and health training. Putting their meticulous attention to detail to work, your guide will now be keeping careful watch, that way they can intervene to avoid crowds, stop guests from touching surfaces that could be contaminated, encourage social distancing, and more. 

Does paying for food or services in the national parks, hotels, or cities that you visit make you worry that you could be putting yourself at risk? Our guides can even pay for those services for you and allow you to reimburse them later on in your tour.

Within minutes of meeting your tour guide, he or she and your group will engage in a discussion about any concerns you may have. All guests will have an unlimited supply of sanitation products such as hand wipes, spray, gels, and masks to choose from. Guests are not required to wear a mask. Guides will wear a mask unless the guest and the guide decide that they are comfortable with the guide not wearing one.

One week before your tour, the guide that is assigned to your group will begin checking into the office virtually to record their temperature and to answer the six basic COVID-19 screening questions provided by the CDC. These video check-ins will be online and available for guests to see if requested. If at any time during those seven days there is a question about his or her health, the assigned backup guide will step in to lead the tour. During a tour, the guides will continue to monitor their health and provide temperature checks. If there is ever a concern, another tour guide will immediately be brought in to take over the tour, no matter where you are in your adventure.

Because Utah Luxury Tours has a permit to operate in the national parks we visit, we have an additional responsibility to act as good stewards and lead by example in practicing social distancing and other healthy measures while in the parks. 

Our guests are our top priority, and we are doing everything we can to help them enjoy a safe, healthy adventure in some of our nation’s most beautiful national parks.

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