Jackson Hole Airport Under Construction From April to June

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Mar 18, 2022

Recently, the Jackson Hole airport announced construction plans to renovate its premises. This will include an updated design and a more intuitive layout. Keep reading to learn more about it and how it may affect your travel plans.

Construction in the Jackson Hole Airport

The Jackson Hole Airport will be under construction from April to June 2022, with a planned opening in July. The new airport will have a much larger terminal, more parking, and better access to the town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It’s being built by the same company that constructed the Salt Lake City airport.

The new airport will be a huge improvement over the current one, which is quite small and outdated. The new airport will have more gates and better facilities for passengers and employees. It will also be easier to get to, with a new highway leading right up to it.

The Jackson Hole Airport is being built in two phases. The first phase, which is already underway, includes a new terminal building, a parking garage, and an access road. The second phase will include a new runway and an air traffic control tower. The airport is being funded by the city, the federal government, and private donors. It is expected to cost $80 million.

How the Construction Affects the Community

This airport is important to the community of Jackson and the surrounding region. The existing airport was too cramped and it couldn’t handle the amount of traffic that now visits Jackson Hole. The new airport will be able to handle more visitors, which will help the economy of the town and the surrounding area.

The airport is also important for tourism. Jackson Hole is a popular destination for tourists and the new airport will make it easier for them to get to and from the town. This will help the local economy and create jobs for people in the community.

The new airport is a major investment for the town of Jackson and the surrounding region, and it will be a big boost to the local economy. It is anticipated to open in July, and it will be a successful addition to Jackson Hole and surrounding communities.

What This Means for Your Upcoming Trips

Just because the Jackson Hole airport will be closed during the spring and early summer, it doesn’t mean your trips are done for! That airport may be the most central for a lot of national parks, but there are other options. If you’re going to Zion National Park, Arches National Park, or even Bryce Canyon, the Salt Lake City airport is the perfect solution.

If you’re going to a park in Wyoming or Idaho like Yellowstone or Grand Teton National Parks, the Idaho Falls airport is a great option.

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