The Benefits of Travel through the National Parks in 2021

by Vibrant Management


Feb 9, 2021

COVID 19 Precautions

Thinking about visiting Utah’s National Parks in 2021? Our world-class luxury tours are customized and designed to offer a COVID-19 safe retreat. Our high-end Mercedes tour vans and SUVs are sanitized before your arrival. For our Scheduled Departure Tours, we limit the capacity to 10 guests per vehicle. Leaving extra seats allows for unobstructed views of the landscape while also providing social distancing and ample seating for your comfort. In addition, all guests will have access to an unlimited supply of cleaning products and masks upon boarding one of our first-class sprinter vans or SUVs. Utah Luxury Tours strives to safeguard your health while still providing an elevated and engaging travel experience. Now more than ever, health and safety are primary concerns for travelers.

Our guides have been professionally trained to ensure they can provide an amazing tour while also keeping your safety and comfort top priorities. While we do recommend our guests to wear a mask, guides will always wear one, even while inside the spacious tour van. Our job is to give you a tranquil, stress-free experience; we do this by following our safety precautions to bring you the sanctuary of your own home away from home.

Even amid a pandemic, Utah Luxury Tours strives to offer you the fine dining and luxury accommodations you expect, while keeping your health and safety in mind. You do not have to miss out on any signature dishes from the most sought-after restaurants found near national parks by using our specially designed pick-up or delivery options when requested. For an even more upscale experience, your guide can better ensure your safety while giving you more time to relax should you choose pick-up or delivery, rather than dining in. Simply tell your guide your order and your guide will make sure your meal is entirely taken care of for you. Find out more about how we cater to your needs and help you to travel safely during the COVID-19 pandemic by giving us a call at (435) 940-4212.

Perfect for Couples and Families

Whether exploring the Wonders of the West, The Mighty 5, Triple Canyon, or embarking on any one of our Luxury Custom Private Tours, we offer a luxurious experience that is tailored to your specific needs. Our offerings can function as an authentic family vacation, a relaxing couple’s getaway, or an enriching executive retreat.

Planning your own tour of the national parks is often stressful and time-consuming, but booking with Utah Luxury Tours offers thorough, detailed plans without the worry of making the reservations yourself. We offer a high level of exemplary service, planning in detail before your tour, and providing the knowledge of our expert guides throughout the extent of your trip to the National Parks in 2021. Our detailed itineraries and timely guides allow you to relax and enjoy a care-free vacation because it is all-inclusive and pre-planned! This leaves you free to enjoy your time in the magnificence of nature, without the stress of having to book your own transportation, excursions, and lodging.

Our tours are hand-picked for you and work especially well for multi-generational families; they allow you to be effortlessly immersed in the wilderness with your loved ones. Our tours are designed to give you an elevated experience of the national parks, providing five-star lodging, private transportation, and professional guides; an itinerary that is customized for you allows for a seamless experience of the wilderness in the Southwest United States, where you travel in comfort, class, and elegance.

We select experienced guides for you depending on your interests, each with differing areas of expertise. Our tours are perfect for couples who value a private guide and guests who are looking for a high level of service throughout their tour. Every guide has different areas of specialty, so call us today to find a great match for you.

Ease of Navigating the Parks

The Zion Narrows is the most popular Zion National Park destination! You won’t believe the thrill and beauty of the smooth walls 2,000 feet deep that the Virgin River has carved out over millions of years. Typically, visitors can use the Zion Canyon Shuttle to visit the Zion Narrows. The shuttle takes visitors directly to the trailhead, making it easier to get around this large national park. Due to COVID-19, the shuttle is running by reservation only. The reservations and group sizes are extremely limited and have caused travelers to miss out on this once in a lifetime experience. One major benefit of booking a tour with Utah Luxury Tours is transportation directly to the entrance of the Narrows. We drop you off at the base of the Narrows, cutting wait times, and pick you up after the hike to take you to the comfort of your hotel or continue exploring more of Zion. Our transportation allows you to enjoy your time at Zion National Park and not stress over the details!

Another benefit to touring with Utah Luxury Tours is that our guides have years of experience guiding in these parks and are familiar with each one. They know where to go and when to go there! As a member of a tour group, you will be sure to see all the best sights without enduring the long wait times. For example, at Arches National Park we start early and work our way forward from the back of the park. This helps us avoid crowds and allows our guests to get the most of their trip.

Furthermore, our customized private tour includes the option to create a tour completely unique to what you want. As you converse with your personal travel planner before your trip and confer with our knowledgeable guides while on your tour, you will be able to completely relax and enjoy your seamlessly designed getaway. Our tours offer a high-end array of customization options that are tailored to your desired interests and amenities. Customers of all ages will find a novel experience waiting for you in our elegant accommodations along the way. Flexible booking allows for your vacation to range from a stunning, scenic experience to a refreshing couples retreat.

Personalized Private Tours Cater to You

We believe that one of the best things we can offer to you is the assurance that your trip to Utah’s National Parks in 2021 will specifically accommodate your needs. There is something special behind the moment when an individuals’ needs are met because of something we provided. Here at Utah Luxury Tours, we give you the option to choose what you do, according to what fits best with your preferences, and will deliver on these expectations with enthusiasm and professionalism. 

Do you consider yourself a Western United States history buff? An adrenaline junkie? A foodie? A sunset safari seeker? Or maybe do you simply want to try new and exciting things? We accommodate all skill levels in all types of outdoor activities when it comes to personalizing your luxury tour. For example, whether you have a knack for photography, or simply have a nice camera with a life-long dream to become a photographer, we will adapt to your needs on your custom tour to take the perfect shot. 

Your personal well-being is our number one priority when visiting the National Parks in 2021. Your tour guide can also cater the amount of hiking per day to the group’s preferences. It is not always mandatory that your group hikes together while exploring the parks for groups who have differing ability levels. Ultimately, we want to help you design your trip to create your ideal five-star experience, so reach out to our personal travel planners to get you started on creating your next unforgettable adventure today! We can’t wait to share the American West with you.

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