The Ultimate Guide to Antelope Canyon

by Vibrant Management


Nov 14, 2021

The Western United States is packed full of beautiful national parks that draw millions of visitors each year. But while the national parks might be better known, there are plenty of other natural attractions that are equally as beautiful, and well worth a visit.

On our Wonder of the West 10 Day Scheduled Departure Tour, you’ll visit far more than just national parks; including the famous Antelope Canyon.

Antelope Canyon is a stunning slot canyon, located within a Navajo Tribal Park. The canyon is one of the most-photographed spots in the West, and truly a bucket-list-worthy destination.

Planning to book our Wonders of the West Tour? Keep reading to learn more about this incredible destination.

Where is Antelope Canyon?

Whether you’ve heard of Antelope Canyon or not, many soon-to-be visitors don’t realize where it’s located.

While it is in Arizona, it’s located in the more remote Northern region, just outside of Page, Arizona. Getting here on your own can be a bit of a challenge. The nearest major airports are in Las Vegas and Phoenix, which are each over 4 hours away. There are a few smaller airports closer to Antelope Canyon, though flights may be limited.

But on our Wonder of the West Tour, Antelope Canyon is just one stop on your adventure through Northern Arizona. You’ll see Lake Powell, Monument Valley, and the less-visited, but equally incredible North Rim of the Grand Canyon as well during your time in the region.

What is a Slot Canyon?

Slot canyons are narrow gorges formed in soft layers of rock. The layers of sedimentary deposits through the region, including in Southern Utah and Northern Arizona, are ideal for these formations.

Utah has the largest concentration of slot canyons in the world. The area is a popular destination for canyoneering, the sport of descending into slot canyons. But you don’t have to have canyoneering experience to explore a slot canyon; instead, head to an accessible canyon, like the popular Antelope Canyon.

Visiting Antelope Canyon

Visiting Antelope Canyon is a bit more complicated than getting into most national or state parks. That’s because in order to tour the canyon itself, you’ll need to join a tour.

Antelope Canyon is actually divided into two canyons; the Upper Canyon and the Lower Canyon. You can hike through both canyons, either with separate tours or as a combined package.

Much like visiting a national park, there is an entrance fee to visit Antelope Canyon. Visitors will first pay an entrance fee to get into the Navajo Park and pay for their choice of guided tours of the canyon.

The Upper Canyon

The Upper Canyon is the more popular destination for visitors. This is where you’ll have a chance to spot the famous light beams — streams of light that filter into the canyon and bring the brilliant red-orange walls to life at certain times of the day — and the “pouring sand” — an effect that guides and visitors creating by placing small piles of sand on the ledge of the canyon to capture photos of it flowing off. 

The Upper Canyon does not have ladders, making it more accessible for visitors as well.

The Lower Canyon

While the Upper Canyon is more accessible, and perhaps more famous, if you want to experience the canyon with fewer crowds, the Lower Canyon is a great alternative.

The canyon is more narrow, and tours tend to be smaller. If you want to get a few pictures without crowds of tourists, this canyon is the right choice.

You’ll also get to climb the famous wooden ladders to get in and out of this canyon. This off-the-beaten-path adventure is one that fewer visitors get to experience — but when you book our Wonders of the West Tour, this will be just one of the incredible experiences you’ll enjoy during your trip.

Booking a Tour of Antelope Canyon

In order to tour the Upper or Lower Canyons, you’ll need to book a tour with an approved company. There are a number of tour companies to choose from, offering tours to both the Upper and Lower Canyons.

Of course, when you book a trip with us, we handle arrangements for all tours during your adventure.

Visiting Antelope Canyon During COVID-19

The Navajo Tribal Parks have enforced some additional health and safety guidelines to help protect visitors and tour guides at this time. The latest order, issued in August of 2021, requires all visitors to the Navajo Nation to wear masks when indoors or outdoors within tribal lands.

Planning Your Own Western Adventure

Whether you’re dreaming of exploring the famous Antelope Canyon or another incredible natural attraction in the Western U.S., our Wonders of the West Tour is a great choice. You’ll spend 10 days seeing some of the Southwest’s most popular and beautiful destinations.

Spots are filling up fast for our fall 2021 tours. Book your spot today by reaching out directly at (435) 940-4212 or through your local travel agent. Start planning your 2022 vacation to guarantee your choice of trips and dates.

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