What to Wear on Our National Park Tours

One of the best things about booking a national park tour with Utah Luxury Tours is that every detail is handled for you. You’ll start by choosing one of our itineraries. Created by the experts, these itineraries are designed to help guests hit the highlights and the lesser-known hidden gems in some of the country’s most incredible national parks. From your lodging to your meals to your transportation to a variety of activities, everything is planned and included in your tour package.

But one thing that our talented guides can’t do for you is to pack your gear. Having the right clothing, accessories, and other gear along on our private lux tours can make for a more comfortable and enjoyable trip.

If you’re wondering what to wear on our national park tours, keep reading. We’re breaking down our top packing tips to make sure that you’re ready for every adventure that awaits you.

Layer, Layer, Layer

Whether you’re planning a summer tour of Utah’s Mighty 5 or a winter visit to Yellowstone National Park, one of the best tips we can offer is to pack a variety of layers. Depending on the season, packing thermals and warm sweaters, fleece pullovers, and down jackets or lightweight, moisture-wicking tees and windbreakers can help ensure that you’re ready for anything.

Temperatures can vary widely from morning to afternoon to evening throughout the year. In parks with big elevation changes, they can even vary from the tops of mountains to the lower canyons. Being able to add and remove layers throughout the day will help you stay comfortable. Packing versatile layers can also allow you to cut down on packing.

Sturdy Hiking Boots are Always a Must

No matter the time of year you choose to book a national park tour, a sturdy pair of hiking boots is always a must. Your boots should have a solid, non-slip sole to keep you steady on slick rocks. If you’re going to be hiking steep or rugged trails, you’ll want ankle support to prevent injuries. Waterproof or at least water-resistant material will help keep your feet dry and warm. Finally, your boots should be broken in; nothing puts an end to a fun hike faster than blisters!

Whether you’re planning to take on a challenging trail like Angels Landing or just want to be ready for lots of walking, having a pair of boots that are comfortable, supportive, and fit well is a must during our private lux tours.

Skip the Cotton

Have you ever heard the phrase, “cotton kills?” Hikers and runners alike will tell you that cotton is the last textile you want to wear when you’re heading outdoors in cooler temperatures. Cotton absorbs liquid like a sponge. So when you’re hiking up steep trails, the sweat will collect in your clothing and stay there. When the weather gets cold, this means that your clothing is saturated and no longer shielding you from the elements. In extreme circumstances, this can lead to hypothermia. In the best-case scenario, it will leave you chilled and uncomfortable.

Instead of cotton, opt for synthetic, wicking fabrics. A base layer thermal will wick sweat off your skin, while outer layers like fleece and down will insulate you, keeping you warm. It’s not just your shirts and pants that shouldn’t be cotton either; your socks should also be synthetic or wool to keep you warm even when wet.

This isn’t just a good tip to follow in the winter; synthetic fabrics can also wick away sweat and keep you cool and comfortable in the summer months.

The Right Day Pack Can Make or Break a Trip

While it may not be a clothing item, your choice of a day pack is important. Your day pack is what will come with you on our national park tours each day, even when your luggage stays behind at that night’s resort. You’ll use your day pack to stash your extra layers, dry socks, snacks, camera, and any other gear you bring along for the day.

Make sure to choose a pack that’s comfortable, with padding on the straps and wicking material on the back to keep you from overheating. Before you leave for your private lux tour, make sure to test out your backpack while it’s full to ensure that it’s comfortable.

Booking Our National Park Tours

National park tours from Utah Luxury Tours are the ultimate outdoor adventure. From hiking in the Mighty 5 to spotting wildlife in Yellowstone, our tours help guests of all ages and backgrounds enjoy an incredible visit to our country’s best national parks.

Having the right gear along can help enhance your tour. Put these tips to work as you pack for your next private lux tour. Don’t have a tour booked yet? Use our search tool to find the perfect tour for your family today!

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