4 Things to Do During Private Zion National Park Tours

At Utah Luxury Tours, our Scheduled Tours are each designed to help you hit the highlights in some of the country’s most incredible national parks. But if you’re looking for a little more flexibility over how you spend your tour and the pace of your trip, our private tours are a great choice.

You can always enjoy your choice of hike or swap out other activities you prefer to skip during any of our tours. However, our private tours offer more options to customize your adventures during your trip. Maybe you want to take on some more challenging trails. Or perhaps someone in your family loves photography and wants to visit some spots to take incredible images of your trip. You can do it all with a private tour.

Thinking about enjoying one of our private Zion National Park tours in 2024? Check out these five activities you could add to your tour.

Visit Kolob Canyons

Zion National Park covers almost 150,000 acres. Despite this, many visitors to the park see only a small portion of it. The park’s most popular features, like Angels Landing, the Narrows, the Zion Lodge, and the Visitor Center, are located in Zion Canyon. As a result, this 15-mile-long canyon sees much of the park’s daily traffic. 

All of our Zion park tours include hitting the highlights of the Lower Canyon. But on a private tour, you can let your tour guide know that you’d like to visit the little-known other half of the park.

Kolob Canyons is a section of Zion National Park that isn’t connected to the Lower and Upper Canyons. It’s located about 40 miles north of Zion Canyon. Here you’ll find a five-mile scenic drive that will take you through beautiful crimson canyons, with stunning overlooks, towering cliffs, plenty of hiking trails, and even some unique rock formations, including a natural arch. 

Because Kolob Canyons is separate from the rest of the park and isn’t home to the more popular destinations found in the Lower Canyon, it sees far fewer crowds. This makes it a great choice for busy times of the year. If you’ve never had a chance to visit this often-overlooked section of the park, make sure to see it during your next visit.

Hike Angels Landing

On the opposite end of the spectrum in terms of crowds is Angels Landing. But even though this trail has earned a reputation for being very busy in recent years, it’s still well worth the hype.

Angels Landing is a five-mile, challenging trail with over 1,500 feet of elevation change. The park has a few famous features, including the difficult Walter’s Wiggles, a series of steep, narrow switchbacks, and the final section of the trail before you begin your hike back, which has hikers traversing a narrow ridgeline with only a chain handrail between you and 1,000-foot drop-offs. But if you’re up for the challenge, you’ll be rewarded with the best view of Zion. 

To help reduce crowding on the trails, the National Park Service began requiring permits to hike Angels Landing in early 2022. You’ll need to enter one or both of the two available lotteries to get your own reservation for this hike. When you book your tour, we can help you learn the dates for the lottery so you can try for a permit. But if you don’t get one, don’t fret; your tour guide will be able to recommend plenty of alternative trails to enjoy!

Visit the Park at Night

Most of Zion National Park’s daily visitors leave by mid to late afternoon. This can make the evenings a great time to experience popular trails and overlooks. But on private Zion National Park tours, you can talk to your guide about heading back into the park in the evening for some stargazing.

Zion is a certified International Dark Sky Park. This certification, from the International Dark-Sky Association, recognizes the park’s efforts to minimize light pollution. This, coupled with the park’s remote location away from major cities, makes it an incredible spot to do some stargazing. 

Visit During the Off-Season

Most of Zion’s more than five million annual visitors make their way to the park during the summer months. If you’ve only ever visited this time of year, make 202 the year that you try something new!

Winter is one of the best times of year to visit Zion. Crowds are usually non-existent, temperatures are cooler, and the park and surrounding area experience mild weather this time of year.

There are four scheduled departure tours to the Mighty 5 in 2024. These are concentrated in the spring, summer, and fall. But if you want to experience the park in a whole new way, consider planning a private tour during the off-season.

Booking Private Zion National Park Tours

If you want to hike Angels Landing, visit during the off-season, or otherwise customize your visit to the park, booking private Zion National Park tours is a great choice. If you’re looking for an incredible trip to enjoy in 2024, Utah Luxury Tour’s private Mighty 5 Tour might be just the thing! In addition to spending time in Zion, you’ll also get the chance to see Utah’s four other beautiful national parks.

Check out this unique tour today to learn more!

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