6 Reasons This Utah Mighty 5 Park Should Be On Your Bucket List

by Caitlin Lamb


Feb 28, 2024

When most people think about the Utah Mighty 5, Zion National Park is the first that comes to mind. Next may be Arches National Park, another popular park located just outside of the equally popular Moab, Utah.

But if you aren’t familiar with Utah’s national parks, you might be surprised to learn that Bryce Canyon holds the spot as the second most-visited national park in Utah. This park is often overlooked in discussions of our country’s most beautiful or popular national parks. However, its stunning views and wide range of activities—coupled with its close proximity to Zion—are a big part of what draws so many visitors through its gates each year.

Bryce Canyon National Park is a stop on many of the Utah tour packages offered by Utah Luxury Tours. If you’re thinking about booking a Utah vacation and are on the fence about Bryce Canyon tours, keep reading to learn why this park definitely deserves a spot on your bucket list.

1. Views That Rival Zion

Zion’s Lower Canyon is the park’s primary feature. Seeing this massive canyon stretch out below from the top of Angels Landing or from elsewhere in the Upper Canyon is truly breathtaking. But Bryce Canyon has a view that might just rival it.

Bryce Canyon National Park’s primary feature is the stunning natural amphitheater. The amphitheater is a section of the Paunsaugunt Plateau that has eroded over millions of years, leaving behind a natural bowl filled with some incredible rock formations.

2. Hoodoos

What makes Bryce Canyon’s amphitheater such an incredible sight are the hundreds of unique rock formations that fill it; hoodoos. Formed by wind, water, and changing temperatures over millions of years, hoodoos look like precariously stacked flat rocks rising sharply out of the landscape. They fill the amphitheater, creating an other-worldly view.

Hoodoos are one of the most unique rock formations that you’ll see when you book our Utah tour packages. These alone are worth a visit to Bryce Canyon.

3. Fewer Crowds

It’s no secret that the Utah Mighty 5 draws a crowd, especially during the summer months. Starting in the late spring and lasting well into the fall, Utah’s Mighty 5 national parks see an influx of visitors. The state’s most popular park, Zion, draws some of its biggest crowds in the summer, particularly around holidays like Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. 

Visiting Zion National Park around those times can be a challenge. Traffic often backs up in Springdale, hotels fill, and lines may form at popular trailheads and overlooks. Zion National Park’s shuttle system can make getting around the Lower Canyon a headache on busy days, and the new Angels Landing Permit program might mean not being able to hike this popular trail.

Of course, booking Utah tour packages from Utah Luxury Tours can help you avoid these and other hassles, even during the busiest times of the year. From finding lesser-known trails to expertly navigating the park, our guides are experts in making the most of your visit. But if you are hoping for fewer crowds obstructing your views, you’ll find that during Bryce Canyon tours.

4. The Chance to Enjoy Unique Activities

You can visit all of the Utah Mighty 5 national parks year-round. But while you’ll enjoy many of the same activities in Arches National Park or Zion in the winter as you will in the summer, Bryce Canyon offers some unique off-season activities.

During the winter, visitors can enjoy cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in the park, including around the rim of the amphitheater. While you can’t snowmobile in the park, you can do so just outside on trails within Dixie National Forest. 

If you know that you want a truly unique experience in the Utah Mighty 5, contact us to learn about booking a custom private winter tour. During your Byrce Canyon tours, you could cross-country ski right to the rim of the park’s beautiful amphitheater—an experience that will no doubt go down as your favorite bucket list item you’ve ever completed.

5. A Range of Trails to Choose From

Bryce Canyon is the smallest of the Mighty 5. But that doesn’t mean that it’s lacking in incredible hiking trails. They range from short, easy hikes perfect for families or a quiet afternoon walk, to strenuous treks best saved for the experienced hiker. There’s truly an option for every visitor.

If you want to do some hiking during your Bryce Canyon tour, talk to your guide about your options and abilities. They can help you choose a trail that’s just right for you and your group.

6. Incredible Stargazing

In 2019, Bryce Canyon National Park was officially named an International Dark Sky Park. The park’s high elevation, remote location, and clean air mean that it has some of the darkest, clearest skies in all of the United States. This means that it’s a perfect spot to enjoy some amazing stargazing—no telescope required!

Planning Your Utah Mighty 5 Adventure

Ready to see for yourself why Bryce Canyon deserves a spot on your bucket list? Now is a great time to start planning your Utah Mighty 5 adventure with Utah Luxury Tours

In 2024, we’re offering a wide range of private and scheduled departure tours, including many that visit Bryce Canyon National Park. Of course, The Mighty 5 tour might just be our most popular option. Check out this tour today to see if it’s right for you and your travel party.

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