Pack Your Park Bag: What to Bring on National Park Tours

From transportation during your tour to lodging, breakfasts and lunches, and activities, our national park tours include just about everything you’ll see, do, and eat during your vacation. But there are a few items that you’ll want to have along with you each day, regardless of where your tour is headed.

If you have a tour from Utah Luxury Tours booked, keep reading to learn a few items to have in your park bag.

A Day Pack

One of the best parts of enjoying guided national park tours is always having transportation to get you from point A to point B each day. This means that you can bring a jacket along for the day to layer up later in the evening, or even bring a change of shoes if you know that you’ll be mixing sightseeing and hiking on the same day. But while you won’t need to necessarily carry everything with you all day, it’s still a good idea to bring along a comfortable day pack.

On days when you won’t be changing hotels, this day pack will carry any gear that you want to have along with you. This includes things like jackets, camera gear, and maybe a book to enjoy on longer drives. This day pack can also be used to carry items you want to have with you while sightseeing or hiking.

A Reusable Water Bottle

Another big perk of guided Utah hiking trips and the many other adventures that Utah Luxury Tours has to offer is that snacks and refreshments are always provided. Whether it’s a bottle of water while exploring a national park or a snack to help you refuel after a hike, your guide will have some options available.

But if you want to do your part to reduce your use of single-use plastics, you’ll still want to pack a reusable water bottle for your trip. Consider packing an insulated bottle that will help keep your water cold on a hot day. Don’t forget to make sure that your water bottle fits comfortably into your day pack so you won’t have to carry it on long hikes.

Your Camera

Whether you’ve booked Grand Teton winter day tours, Zion National Park guided tours, or one of our specialty tours, the one item that should be near the top of your packing list is a camera!

Our luxury tours are designed to help you see some of the nation’s most incredible natural landscapes. Every day of your tour will include new and beautiful landscapes and sights, as well as exciting adventures that you’ll definitely want to capture so that you can share it with friends and family back home, and have the photos to treasure for years to come.

Depending on your preferences, your smartphone might be your camera of choice. If this is the case, consider bringing an extra external battery pack, as your battery might die faster than you would expect when you’re constantly using it to take pictures and videos.

If you love capturing stunning landscape photos, consider checking out our special photography tour, Golden Light in the Might 5 Photo Adventure.

Layers That You Can Mix and Match

Utah Luxury Tours offers a variety of national park tours to choose from. This includes tours of many different lengths. Some of our longest tours are for six, seven, or even 10 days at a time. This means that you’ll want to get a little creative to make the most of your luggage, and to avoid having to lug around too many bags.

One great way to do this is by packing clothing that you can easily mix, match, and layer. Not only is this great for reducing how much you need to pack—and how much laundry you’ll have when you get home!—but it also allows you to adjust your outfits each day based on the weather and your activities. You could start the day wearing several layers, then shed the outer layers in the middle of the day as temperatures rise, that way you stay comfortable no matter the conditions.

This method also lets you adjust if your plans change. Maybe an afternoon rainshower has you rethinking that afternoon hike, and instead heading into town for some shopping. Or, maybe you’re enjoying a park’s beautiful views so much that your group decides to enjoy a sunset hike instead of going straight to dinner. Having layers along with you for the day will allow you to adjust what you’re wearing so you stay comfortable no matter where your day goes!

Comfortable Shoes

On average, our guests wind up walking around three miles each day of their national park tours. This number can increase depending on the tour you choose and how you plan to spend your time. For instance, you’ll likely log more miles on our Utah hiking trips. 

One must-have no matter which tour you choose is a comfortable pair of walking shoes, as well as a comfortable pair of hiking boots if you plan to do some hiking. Take time to break in your shoes before your trip so that you won’t get blisters. Consider packing good socks to offer more padding if you aren’t used to walking the distances you’ll be covering during your tour.

Booking Your 2024 National Park Tours

Now that you know a few items that should be in your bag for our national park tours, it’s time to book your 2024 adventures. Utah Luxury Tours has a full line-up of incredible tours to choose from this year. Use our Search Tours tool to find your next adventure today!

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