How to Take Advantage of Utah’s Great Outdoors Scene All Year Round

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Jun 14, 2022

Utah is home to all things outdoors! The wide variety of outdoor activities in Utah offer recreation that can be accessed all year round. The state has many beautiful parks, and most Utah outdoor recreation areas offer something for everyone.

The versatility and seemingly endless options are what make Utah such an exciting place to visit. The great climate makes it a popular outdoor destination during every season. We’ll go over some of the best things to do in Utah during each season so that whatever time of year you decide to visit, you can have an amazing adventure experience.

Utah Outdoor Recreation for Each Season

From skiing and snowboarding in the winter, to hiking and water activities in the summer, you’re sure to find something you love when deciding on outdoor activities in Utah. As these activities may overlap depending on the season, we’ll discuss the best options by each time of year.


Two of the most popular things to do in Utah during the winter season are skiing and snowboarding. The state of Utah is home to 15 total winter sports resorts across the state, so there’s no shortage of options for experiencing the well-known “Greatest Snow on Earth.”

Skiing at Powder Mountain Resort - Utah Luxury Tours

Visitors can explore the largest resort in the US by visiting Park City Mountain Resort, experience the unforgettable powder days at Snowbird and Alta, or enjoy night skiing or snowboarding at Brighton Resort.

If riding down the mountain isn’t for you, there are other options to choose including snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and ice skating outdoors. There are also warmer areas in southern Utah that are temperate during the winter months. If you prefer to stick to Utah outdoor recreation activities out of the snow, you can visit St. George or Moab for hiking, mountain biking, and rock climbing, depending on the conditions.

Utah’s Mighty Five National Parks are also accessible during the winter, although some specific trails and locations inside the parks close during the colder months. Bryce Canyon is a popular winter destination, where you can beat the crowds and also see the valley full of snow-covered hoodoos in a magnificent contrast of red rock and white snow. Zion National Park also remains a popular tourist destination during colder seasons, with plenty of attractions still open to enjoy.

Bryce Canyon in winter


Spring skiing and snowboarding combines the fun of the winter sports with the benefit of warmer temperatures and longer days. Other outdoor activities in Utah also open up in spring including fly fishing, ATV riding, and horseback riding.

There are a few places in southern Utah, namely Torrey, Bryce, and Springdale, where you can find locations to do each of these activities. They also happen to be the home to 3 of Utah’s Mighty 5 National Parks: Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon, and Zion National Park, respectively.

Although open year-round, the springtime is a great time of year to visit these national parks, including Arches and Canyonlands in and near Moab, as the temperatures are moderate in each of these locations. As the months lead into summer, these parks will steadily grow with tourists, so it may be a good time to visit to avoid larger crowds (and to beat the scorching summer heat!).

Delicate Arch - Sunset Clouds - Large Natural Arch - October


Water sports are most popular in summer months as a great way to cool down from the desert heat. River rafting, kayaking, paddle boarding, and jet boat tours are all popular water activities that can be done in Moab, Utah. The Colorado River area offers all four of these activities and provides fun for the whole family.

Other things to do in Utah in the summer include hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, and canyoneering. Zion National Park is home to popular hikes like The Narrows and Angel’s Landing, and you can also find amazing places for rock climbing, mountain biking, and canyoneering in and around Moab.


The months transitioning from summer to fall are great months to go camping with friends and family. Although spring and summer are also good camping months, the beginning of fall generally allows for warmer hours during the day and cooler hours during the night.

Both Northern and Southern Utah have vast amounts of camping areas to explore. There are designated campsites in both Big and Little Cottonwood Canyon in the Salt Lake Valley, and remote camping options available around Moab and the west desert, so you have options for the style of camping you prefer.

Many of the same activities from spring and summer can carry into fall as well. You can catch a lot of the great hikes and some of the water activities before the temperatures start to drop and the snow sets in. September and October are great times to experience more moderate temperatures for hiking and visiting national and state parks in Utah before freezing temperatures set in.

hiking in the fall in Utah's National Parks

Come to Utah and See For Yourself

When it comes to Utah outdoor recreation, there really is never a bad time of year to visit. There are always many options in each season for families and individuals of any level of experience or physicality.

Take advantage of the many possibilities today by contacting Utah Luxury Tours to plan your next adventure in Utah!

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