Outdoor Guided Tours: Top Questions to Ask Yourself Before Booking

by Vibrant Management


May 19, 2022

Are you looking for an adventurous getaway to take you through some of nature’s most gorgeous views? An outdoor experience is the perfect escape for you! If you want to explore new locations and you’re not very familiar with the locales you’ll be visiting, you may be considering signing on for an outdoor guided tour that gives you the best of the outdoor experience while providing the navigating and accommodations for you.

A guided tour can help you visit places you’d never be able to on your own. Before booking an outdoor guided tour, there are a few things you should consider to help you choose the very best experience for you:

How large is your group?

Do you want to travel alone, with a group of your own, or meet strangers on your trip? Some travelers love using a trip to meet and befriend new people, while others may want to limit the group they’ll be traveling with to their circle of friends or family.

Many outdoor guided tours are geared towards large groups, while others offer more intimate experiences. Consider what size group you feel most comfortable with and look for a tour that accommodates that.

What is your budget?

When it comes to price, there is a lot of variation among outdoor guided tours. Some factors that will affect the cost of your tour include the length of your trip, the distance you travel, the company you book through, the size of your group, etc. A private tour for just two people will be more expensive than one for a mixed group of fifteen, and a 10-day excursion will cost more than a 6-day one. If you have a strict budget to stick to, look for tours that meet that criteria.

Other considerations affecting price are any add-on packages or experience you choose, and whether or not meals are included in your package. Often, guided tour pricing can be flexible depending on these factors, so if you have a limited budget, talk with your booking agent to see what options are available within your price range.

Do you mind touring with a group you don’t know?

Taking an outdoor guided tour with people outside of your own group can be a great way to meet new people who share your interests. But if you’d rather keep to yourself or travel with friends, you can schedule a private tour that is specifically designed for small groups.

Take into consideration the benefits and limitations of each choice: Touring with a bigger group that includes people you don’t know will bring costs down, but traveling with a fewer number of people all in one party may mean you can customize your activities more specifically for your group.

Touring with strangers also brings the risk that you’ll be grouped with someone who clashes with your personality; however, you also could meet new and interesting people and develop real friendships. 

How comfortable are you traveling to a new and unfamiliar place?

While some outdoor guided tours travel to relatively accessible locations, others may require more advanced planning or experience. If you’re new to traveling and aren’t sure how comfortable you’ll be in an unfamiliar environment, look for tours that offer a lot of support and guidance, such as those with detailed itineraries, knowledgeable guides, and pre-booked accommodations.

Guided tours can take away the stress and uncertainty of finding lodging and transportation in an unfamiliar place. When it comes to touring Utah’s national parks, a guided tour also takes care of knowing the ins and outs of the parks—what time they open and close, areas that require permits or booking in advance, and can’t-miss attractions and views at each one to help you have the very best experience.

Are you looking for adventure or luxury or both?

“Outdoor tours” cover a wide scale of comfort in your accommodations. Some might involve more intense nights of camping in a tent off the beaten path, while others stay closer to civilization and provide more conventional hotel accommodations. Evaluate what you’re comfortable with and what your expectations are for your trip before booking.

Utah Luxury Tours provides the best of both worlds by taking you out into Utah’s beautiful scenery during the day, but putting you up in some of the state’s most gorgeous luxury hotels at night.

Do you want a fully-guided or a self-guided tour?

Some tours will provide a guide to stay with you at all times, while others may only offer a guide to show you the way part of the time. At Utah Luxury Tours we also offer a guide to be at your service throughout your park visit, but you are also fully able to go off and explore on your own if you would like to have that quiet moment to yourself in nature. 

Are you looking for a multi-day or single-day tour?

Most outdoor guided tours are multi-day, but there are also options for single-day tours. A single-day tour may be ideal for when you want to visit a specific location for a day during a larger trip you have planned. A multi-day tour is a better option for a more all-inclusive vacation, since much of the transportation, lodging, itinerary, and even meals will be planned for you. A multi-day tour will also allow you to visit more locations, while a single-day tour is usually limited to one area or park. Be sure to research the company you are interested in to make sure of what their offerings are. Some companies cater to both while others do not. 

What’s the minimum age requirement?

While most outdoor guided tours don’t have a minimum age requirement, some may require participants to be a certain age—usually 18 or 21—especially if they involve more extreme activities. Keep this in mind when looking for a tour, especially if you’re traveling with younger children.

What’s the physical fitness level required?

Some outdoor guided tours are very physically demanding, while others are more relaxed. Consider your own fitness level and what kind of activities you’re comfortable doing when choosing a tour, and be sure to ask your booking agent what accommodations are available for different physical levels.

What Utah Luxury Tours Offers

Utah Luxury Tours offers multi-day outdoor guided tours to the most beautiful locations and parks in Utah and California with high levels of customization. We have options available for any level of physical ability and group size, and highly adaptable add-on experiences and price levels.

If you would like to experience our tours while saving on costs, then check out our Scheduled Tours. These tours consist of mixed groups, but still allow you to see the same amazing parks at a great price.  

With amazing luxury accommodations, the friendliest and most knowledgeable guides around, and carefully planned tours hitting the most stunning sites in Utah, the experience you get with Utah Luxury Tours can’t be beat.

Enjoy Your Outdoor Guided Tour! 

Planning a trip can be extremely stressful. The good news is that if you’re planning to visit Utah’s many gorgeous national parks, we can take care of the planning for you and give you a quality customized tour experience. If you have any questions about the tours offered by Utah Luxury Tours or about outdoor guided tours in general, reach out today!

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