State Park Spotlight: Goblin Valley State Park

by Caitlin Lamb


May 20, 2023

For almost a decade, Utah Luxury Tours has been providing tours to some of the country’s most incredible outdoor destinations. What started as one-day luxury tours within Salt Lake City quickly became two-day tours to two of Utah’s most popular national parks, Arches and Canyonlands. Today, we offer everything from one-to-ten-day exclusive adventures in the Rocky Mountains, Utah’s Mighty 5 national parks, the Grand Circle, and beyond.

National parks like Zion and Arches are often some of the most popular destinations on our Utah vacation packages. But often, it’s the destinations you didn’t expect that offer the best surprises.

Several of our tours through Utah feature a stop in Goblin Valley State Park. While it might not be on your bucket list just yet, this unique park offers views that rival those found in nearby national parks. Keep reading to learn more about this unique state park, and why you should book Utah vacation packages that feature it.

Goblin Valley State Park

Goblin Valley State Park is located in Green River, Utah. It’s an hour-and-a-half away from Torrey, Utah and Capitol Reef National Park, and less than an hour-and-forty-five minutes from Moab, Canyonlands, and Arches. During our Utah vacation packages, we often make a stop at Goblin Valley on our way to Capitol Reef. 

This unique state park is known for its colorful valley, which is filled with larger-than-life rock formations often called “goblins.” These sandstone formations cover the ground of the park’s main valley. 

What to See and Do in Goblin Valley State Park

Goblin Valley State Park covers more than 6,300 acres. While this is triple the size that the park was just a few years ago, it’s still a far cry from the size of many nearby parks. Capitol Reef National Park, for instance, covers more than 240,000 acres. Despite this, the park is packed with things to see and do.

On our Utah vacation packages, guests will sometimes hit the park’s highlights. 

Wander the Goblins

Easily the most popular thing to do in Goblin Valley is to wander among the goblins. Goblin Valley is the park’s main valley and features the largest collection of goblins, also known as hoodoos, in the park. There are no designated trails in this section of the park. But guests can wander among the rocks and take pictures beneath these otherworldly formations.

Hit the Trails

After wandering among the goblins in Goblin Valley, the next thing you’ll want to do is hit the trails. Goblin Valley State Park has just five trails guests can choose from during our Utah hiking trips. All five are under two miles, making them a great choice for your quick visit to this unique park:

  • The Three Sisters: This easy, one-mile trail takes you to the Three Sisters, a formation of three joined hoodoos. This formation is visible from the road as you drive through Goblin Valley State Park, but the trail is still a great choice for families wanting to get a closer look.
  • Camel Canyon Loop: This 1.5-mile, moderate trail also offers views of Three Sisters and takes hikers through a narrow slot canyon.
  • Curtis Bench Trail: Also rated moderate, this trail is 1.5 miles one-way. It follows a ridge line and offers great panoramic views of the valley and the Henry Mountains.
  • Entrada Canyon: Another moderate, 1.5-mile one-way trail, Entrada Canyon has great views of Goblin Valley.
  • Goblin’s Lair: The most strenuous trail in the park, Goblin’s Lair is also 1.5 miles one-way. Goblin’s Lair is a narrow slot canyon that’s a must-see for serious hikers.

Booking the Best Utah Vacation Packages

On our Utah vacation packages, we strive to help guests experience some of the West’s most beautiful destinations. This includes state parks like Goblin Valley alongside popular national parks. While you might be hiking, walking among goblins, or enjoying some high adventure during the day, our luxury tour operations ensure that you’ll spend your evenings in luxury at some of the top resorts the region has to offer.

Looking for another great reason to experience an adventure with Utah Luxury Tours this summer? Right now, you can save $600 per guest for select scheduled departures. This discount applies to Triple Canyon, The Mighty 5, Wonders of the West, and Yellowstone GTNP tours. The Mighty 5 and Wonders of the West tours both include time at Goblin Valley State Park.If you’ve been dreaming of hitting the road on an epic adventure through some of the country’s most incredible national and state parks, inquire today to learn more!

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