Tour Spotlight: Leadership Development Experience

by Caitlin Lamb


Nov 15, 2023

Many of the tours we offer at Utah Luxury Tours are designed with couples, families, groups of friends, or solo travelers in mind. We offer luxury group tours and private tours to some of the country’s most incredible national parks, including Yellowstone, Zion, Arches, Grand Tetons, and more.

But alongside our tours designed to help travelers create incredible memories with their friends and loved ones, we also offer some specialty tours designed with businesses and teams in mind. One option is our Leadership Development Experience.

While this tour still includes the same luxury travel experience and time in some beautiful outdoor destinations, it centers on personal growth and leadership development.

If you’re a business owner looking for the ultimate corporate retreat for your team, keep reading to learn more about this unique tour.

Why Corporate Retreats Need an Update

Corporate retreats can be a great chance to reward your employees for a job well done. A retreat can be used to build teamwork skills and help your employees connect with one another outside the office so that they can work together better when they return. 

You can also use it to introduce and build upon key skills, like communication, leadership, and networking—skills that can help your employees do their jobs more effectively.

Unfortunately, many corporate retreats follow a similar format. They are based in a conference center in a chain hotel. They include lots of time spent sitting in a chair listening to a speaker. The “fun” activities are often limited to meals, or perhaps an outing to a nearby attraction.

The result is that corporate retreats become something that employees see as an obligation.

At Utah Luxury Tours, we think it’s time for a change. A corporate retreat that actually rewards your employees for a job well done, while mixing in time for growth and development, is a great alternative. This means taking the learning sessions out of the conference room, basing your retreat in an incredible destination, and mixing in outings to bucket-list-worthy destinations that your guests will love to visit.

What to Expect From Our Leadership Development Experience

The Leadership Development Experience is a new kind of corporate retreat. Designed with growth and development in mind, this four day, three-night tour will help each guest discover their own inner abilities, power insight, harness change, and create impact, both in their own lives and in the lives of others.

This tour can accommodate between six and 10 guests and includes four days and three nights in beautiful Southern Utah. This private luxury tour includes sessions with world-class leadership coaches, development sessions, daily hikes, and active learning experiences to equip your team with workplace-specific tools and insights that they can put to work as soon as you return to the office.

Like all of our Utah travel packages, this tour includes an experienced tour guide who is with you every step of the way. Your guide will be there as you leave the distractions and noise of your everyday life behind to visit 

Before your luxury group tours even begin, you’ll get a pre-program coaching session to discuss your goals and what you hope to get from this experience. During your tour, you’ll enjoy a number of guided exercises, activities, and models that you can use during and after the program. 

The Itinerary

This tour begins in Salt Lake City and includes transportation from Salt Lake City International Airport to beautiful Torrey, Utah in a luxury SUV or Sprinter van. Following a check-in and group discussion, you’ll enjoy a sunset hike, before dinner and an evening of stargazing.

Day two will take you to Capitol Reef National Park. You’ll enjoy lunch in the park followed by guided hikes. You’ll even have a chance to see ancient petroglyphs before your group enjoys dinner on your own.

On day three, you’ll journey back into the park to explore, combining sightseeing and hiking with growth and development. A sunset experience will cap off your last full day, followed by a group dinner.

The final day of your tour includes breakfast before you’re transported back to Salt Lake City International Airport for your departure.

Booking the Leadership Development Experience

The Leadership Development Experience from Utah Luxury Tours is the ultimate way to reward your team, encourage team-building, and equip yourself and your employees with invaluable new skills to help you succeed. During four days of active learning in some of the most incredible outdoor destinations in the U.S., you’ll unlock both professional and personal growth that you’ll carry with you for years to come.

Like all of our Utah 5 national park tours, this experience features an intimate group size, a luxury travel experience, the help of an experienced guide, and so much more.

If you want to learn more about this unique tour, schedule a 20 to 30-minute chat with the tour and leadership coach, Ryan Halverson or Dr. Taylor Halverson, Contact Utah Luxury Tours today to schedule your call.

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