4 Ways Sprinter Vans Will Enhance Your Utah Luxury Tour

by Vibrant Management


Feb 16, 2020

Not all tours are created equally. And for that matter, vans and busses aren’t, either. For Utah Luxury Tours, these two things go hand in hand. There will always be tours with cheap seats and 40 other people. But this is Utah Luxury Tours–and that’s not how we roll. The way we roll usually involves a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van

The Sprinter Van isn’t your average tour bus. For starters, it only has seats for 15 people–but we put a limit at 10 people. Between this extra space, the tall windows great for sightseeing, and an experienced, knowledgeable guide at your personal service, we’re confident that this is the most efficient and comfortable way to tour the Utah National Parks. 


Comfortable and Spacious

The Mercedes Sprinter is a first-class tour vehicle. You can’t find comfort and space like this touring any other way–which is just one of the many reasons Utah Luxury Tours utilizes Mercedes tour vans for your getaway.

The added space allows for easy storage of and access to any trip essentials you bring on the van, as well as plenty of room to enjoy the breathtaking views of Utah’s National Parks, unhindered by crowds. The soft seats, clean finishings, and smooth ride give you a refreshing and luxurious feel every time you step back into the van.

From the high-end design to the spacious rows and high ceilings, everything about this van is tailored to allow for a comfortable and unique getaway. 


Tall Windows, High Ceilings & Views

It won’t take long to realize that each and every moment of your Utah Luxury Tour is elevated.

The National Parks are a marvel and a dream on anybody’s list, but there’s also much to see in-between your destinations–and Utah Luxury Tours has you covered.

The Sprinter Van is the epitome of traveling in style, and most importantly allows for an engaging experience from destination to destination. The van itself is expertly designed in such a way that it grants passengers an unobstructed 360° view of Utah’s stunning scenery. 

Imagine yourself sitting down and relaxing with a front-row view of the western sunset after an adventurous day of exploring the canyons of Zion National Park. This is what you should expect when traveling in a Mercedes Sprinter Van. It gets you where you need to go and makes travel time a part of the adventure


World-Class Tour Guide (Your Driver)

Before setting out in the comfort of your Mercedes Sprinter Van, it’s good to know that you’ll have an experienced driver behind the wheel. Your driver is actually one of our company’s most valuable assets–our guides! 

Not only does your guide know the best routes, but they also have an extensive wealth of knowledge about the wildlife, geology, and history of the American West.

Our guides, some of the friendliest people on earth, are dedicated learners and have spent years in Utah’s outdoors, discovering new activities, sought-after locations, and secret gems. Sharing knowledge is second nature to them. If you ask questions, they’d be more than happy to help you learn in a day what might take you weeks to learn on your own.

Our guides are passionate about their work and will go above and beyond to ensure that your experience, both on the trails and on the road, is comfortable, seamless and unforgettable. We can’t overstate the value that these dedicated individuals will add to your Utah Luxury Tour


Save Time and Effort

From wheels down to wheels up, Utah Luxury Tours has you taken care of. You won’t have to worry about a thing–our expert travel planners have outlined every logistics so that you can sit back and enjoy your adventure. 

Utah Luxury Tours has succeeded in eliminating the “tour stereotype” of waiting in a sea of large crowds. With the help of the Sprinter Van, entering parks is a breeze and every aspect of your experience will be seamless and personable. The ease of parking, unloading, and getting back in takes away the stress so that you are able to focus on the beautiful natural wonders that Utah has to offer. You can expect smooth sailing throughout your whole experience. 


Utah Luxury Tour with a Sprinter Van

Going on a tour with Utah Luxury Tours offers you a unique opportunity. This isn’t your average tour trip, stuck on a hot, sweaty bus with 40 people you don’t know. Utah Luxury Tours leaves behind the crowd, skips the line, and offers you a more customized, personal experience.

All you have to do is relax and enjoy it.

You can stop when you’d like, and choose what you want to see and where you want to spend your time. Take as many pictures as you want, hike at your own pace, and really take in the breathtaking experiences you won’t find anywhere else.

Utah Luxury Tours uses the Mercedes Sprinter Van for its spaciousness and comfort and makes the most of it by limiting tour sizes to ten people.

Everyone in your group will have plenty of space and legroom. No more worrying about being overcrowded!

The small group setting allows for more interaction and learning with your guide. Instead of counting heads and running logistics, they can focus on answering questions, telling stories, and helping with whatever you need.

From start to finish, the advantages of traveling via Sprinter Van add up fast. And altogether, they make up just one more reason to travel with Utah Luxury Tours.


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