The Best National Park Tours for Seniors

by Caitlin Lamb


Jan 15, 2024

National Parks have no age limits. Our country’s national parks are something everyone should have the chance to experience, regardless of their age or abilities. Even if a person isn’t able to enjoy some of the incredible hiking trails our parks have to visit, there is plenty more to see and do during a visit.

Unfortunately, some national park tours aren’t accessible to those of all ages or abilities. They often include lots of hiking and other outdoor adventures that some guests might not be comfortable with or capable of enjoying.

At Utah Luxury Tours, we welcome guests of all ages on our adventures. If you’re looking for the best national park tours for seniors, you’ll come to the right place. Keep reading to learn how to choose the right tour for you, and some of our best national park tours for those over the age of 60.

Private Tours

The best national park tours for seniors, or those of any age who are looking for a customized experience, are our private tours. These fully customizable tours are designed to allow you and your group to create an adventure that suits not only your abilities, but your interests as well. 

Private tours are available to many incredible destinations, including Utah’s Mighty 5, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Mount Rushmore, and more. With space for eight to ten guests, your group will work with your tour guide ahead of your visit to plan out the activities and destinations you’d like to enjoy during your trip.

Whether you are looking for some easier hiking trails or prefer to see the sights with scenic drives, we can help you customize an unforgettable adventure for your entire group.

Scheduled Departure Tours

While our private tours are a great choice if you want to fully customize your experience, our scheduled departure tours can be great national park tours for seniors as well.

At Utah Luxury Tours, we welcome guests of all ages on all of our tours. If you find that you can’t or don’t want to join one of the activities that’s on the itinerary during your tour, you can simply opt-out. Join in the activities that you’d like, and skip the ones you don’t. Participation in hikes and other activities is always optional during our tours! In the same way, if you want a more challenging hike than what the group is planning to enjoy, your guide will be happy to recommend one! While they might not be able to come along, they’ll make sure that you get where you need to go.

Our tour guides still work with the group to decide on each day’s activities and often provide several options to choose from. 

Our scheduled departure tours are a great choice for those looking to save some money or for couples and smaller groups who don’t have enough people to fill one of our private tours. You’ll get to experience the same incredible destinations offered in our private tours. Plus, group sizes are still kept small, often with just eight guests, so you’ll still get a private experience.

Most evenings, you’ll enjoy free time that you can spend with the group or on your own with your family or spouse.

The Best Scheduled Departure Tours

One thing to consider when choosing a scheduled departure tour is the length of the trip. Some of our tours are 10 or more days. If you’re not used to a longer trip, it’s a good idea to start with a shorter adventure. 

Our Triple Canyon Scheduled Departure Tour is one great option. This six-day, five-night tour includes visits to some of the region’s most incredible canyons, including Bryce Canyon, Zion, and the Grand Canyon.

The Mighty 5 Scheduled Departure Tour is also a great choice. This seven-day, six-night tour explores all five of Utah’s incredible national parks. This tour includes a good mix of hiking and exploring the national parks as well as enjoying all that the local towns and cities have to offer.

Choosing the Best National Park Tours for Seniors

With Utah Luxury Tours, choosing the best national park tours for seniors is easier than you might think! All of our tours welcome guests of all ages. Our private tours can be a great chance to customize your adventure. But if you don’t have enough people to fill a tour, our scheduled departure tours can still be a great choice.

If you’re unsure of which tour is right for you, we can offer suggestions and help you choose the right option for you and your family. Contact us today to start planning your trip.

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