Why Luxury Group Tours are the Best Way to Travel

by Caitlin Lamb


Sep 23, 2023

At Utah Luxury Tours, we offer a variety of types of tours. Our private custom tours are perfect for travelers who want to customize every aspect of their adventures and enjoy a more private experience. But our luxury group tours are a great choice as well.

With a lower price tag and the experience of meeting other like-minded travelers, our Scheduled Departure Group Tours are the best way to travel. But don’t just take our word for it. Keep reading to learn more about these tours, and why you should book one for your next vacation!

What to Expect from Luxury Group Tours

Before we dive into some of the reasons that our luxury group tours are the best way to travel, there are a few things you should know. At Utah Luxury Tours, our group tours are far from ordinary. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why.

Skip the Motorcoach

If the words “luxury group tours” bring to mind oversized buses packed with sleeping tourists, think again. To start, all group tours from Utah Luxury Tours take place in 15-passenger Mercedes Sprinter and Ford Transit high-top vans—no motorcoaches in sight! 

Small Group Size

Another downside of traveling by motorcoach is always traveling with a crowd. Whether you arrive at an overlook, a restaurant, or your lodging for the night, you’ll always be surrounded by people. This can have a big impact on enjoying each destination.

Our luxury group tours are limited to a maximum of just 10 people, so you’ll never have to worry about being crowded in with your fellow travelers. Many of our tours are even more limited! For instance, our popular Mighty 5+ Adventure Tour is limited to just eight guests. And if you decide that 10 people is still too many, you always have the option to break from the group for hikes and other activities.

Experienced Guides

One of the best things about our luxury tours is our guides. Each and every trip is led by one of our friendly, experienced tour guides. With a Grand Teton or Utah travel guide, you’ll not only get to see the lesser-known corners of the destinations you visit, but you’ll also learn a lot along the way. Whether you want suggestions for the best hikes or have questions about the history of a national park, your Utah travel guide has an answer.

All Ages are Welcome

Another common misconception about luxury group tours is that they are only for older adults. But this isn’t the case! With so many different types of tours to choose from, there’s truly something for everyone on our group tours. And because of that, we welcome travelers of all ages. We regularly have everyone from young children to seniors join us on our adventures. This means the whole family can come along for the fun.

Of course, if you’re bringing the whole family, one of our Private Custom Tours might be a better choice. These can be customized to better suit your family’s interests, ensuring an experience that everyone will enjoy together!

Why Luxury Group Tours are the Best Way to Travel

Small group sizes, experienced guides, and no motorcoaches in sight are just a few of the reasons why our luxury group tours are the way to go for your next vacation. But there are plenty of other reasons to book one of our Grand Teton, Yellowstone, or Utah travel packages.

One big reason is that we have a variety of tours to choose from, spanning some of the country’s most incredible national parks. Hike to Delicate Arch in Arches, the top of Angels Landing in Zion, and marvel at the towering hoodoos of Byrce Canyon on our Utah 5 national park tours. Take a scenic boat cruise across Jenny Lake and ride to the summit of Rendezvous Peak on the Jackson Hole Aerial Tram just outside of Grand Teton National Park on our Yellowstone and Grand Teton Scheduled Departure Tour.

Not only are our luxury group tours a chance to experience some incredible destinations, but when you book one of our Grand Teton, Yellowstone, or Utah travel packages, you’ll also get to experience these destinations like a local. Your Utah travel guide will help you avoid the crowds in Zion and Arches and see the hidden secrets of Bryce Canyon or Grand Teton. They know each park backward and forwards, which means that they know the best spots to visit, whether you have lots of time in the park or just a short window to see it all.

After a long day of exploring some incredible national parks and monuments, state parks, and more, your guide will take you to the best local restaurants, before you retire to some of the most luxurious lodging options each destination has to offer.

Plus, our scheduled departure tours are available all year long. Whether you prefer to travel in the off-season or your family enjoys a yearly summer vacation, you can book luxury group tours for the season of your choice.

Booking a Luxury Group Tour With Utah Luxury Tours

Our luxury group tours are a great choice for all kinds of travelers. From families looking for a stress-free getaway to couples looking for adventure and excitement, our Scheduled Departure Tours are a great choice. With so many tours to choose from, Utah Luxury Tours truly has something for everyone.

Ready to start planning your next adventure? Use our Tour Search to get started!

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